Thoughts on the Petrino situation
April 5, 2012 10:41 pm, CST

By: Flint Harris

Jessica Dorrell's hiring looks awful even if she does not.

Like most of Razorback Nation, I watched the Jeff Long press conference. Here are my thoughts:

Jeff Long proved he is an athletic director worthy of his nomination for AD of the Year Award that came out a few weeks ago. Long was direct and professional. Make no mistake about it, Petrino is Long’s guy. Long hired Petrino soon after taking over at Arkansas. I have said for years all of Long’s eggs are in Petrino’s basket. It was a bold, risky move. Long looked brilliant until a week ago when Petrino lied to the guy who stuck out his neck out for him.

Arkansas fans knew what we were getting when we hired Petrino. A helluva coach that you cannot trust. We just thought the trust issue had to do with Petrino leaving for another job, but his latest contract ensured that is not where the trust issue is a concern. Petrino has taken Arkansas to a Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl title and a top 5 finish, but there was always the possibility Petrino would make a rear end out of himself. He did just that this week. The wreck itself was an accident, but the cover up was awful. So too was the self-described inappropriate relationship with Jessica Dorrell.

Having spent nine years inside two BCS athletic department something triggered in my mind last week when I saw Dorrell was hired for a made-up position, Student-Athlete Development Coordinator. However, I thought maybe the Hogs just wanted a beautiful blonde working with recruits. I mean this is the SEC, whatever advantage you can get right? Turns out Petrino had ulterior motives.

The sad part is this, if Petrino wins, 99% of Hog fans will not care. Bobby Petrino is not my role model or hero. He is a flawed man, but a fine football mind. I hope he can repair his relationship with his wife and kids. I also hope he learns to tell the truth from the beginning. It is the cover-up, not the incident. I am trying to teach my three-year old the same thing.

3 Responses to “Thoughts on the Petrino situation”

  1. Maxhawg says:

    Nice word! Unfortunately having a great coach is not all their is to coaching a major college program. I guess all of my falcon fans were right about Petrino. I just didn’t want to believe it because we were winning.

  2. mamahog says:

    Only problem, it was not a made up position. It was recently vacated by Dann Kabala. Per UofA.

  3. flintharris says:

    Mamahog….Dann Kabala was the Director of On-Campus Recruiting and Eligibility Coordinator. Dorrell is the Student-Athlete Development Coordinator. Their titles are not identical. Kabala has a background in academic support, so that is likely why eligibility coordinator was in his title. That being said, they may perform similar duties.

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