Michael Dyer tested positive for marijuana
December 10, 2011 8:32 pm, CST

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A source told HolyTurf.com that Dyer tested positive for marijuana.

A source told me this evening that Auburn RB Michael Dyer has tested positive for marijuana. Dyer was rumored to be looking to transfer and this news may further that conversation. According to the source, Dyer is looking at a suspension if he stays at Auburn. The source did not say if the test was administered by the university or the athletic department. Both likely have a policy in place for a positive test.

Dyer, originally from Little Rock, helped lead Auburn to a national title in 2010 and earned All-SEC honors in 2011 while rushing for 1242 yards and ten touchdowns as the best player on a 7-5 Auburn team that will play Virginia in the Chik-fil-A bowl on December 31st.

I have also learned Dyer was set to appear at his high school, Little Rock Christian, after he finished finals at Auburn to talk with and encourage the current students. For now, the event is off.


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36 Responses to “Michael Dyer tested positive for marijuana”

  1. Vince Doodly says:

    Dude, I think YOU are hitting the crack pipe. Why would Michael Dyer, who was all SEC first team, even consider leaving Auburn when with one more year, he will be a 1st round draft pick? If the weed thing is true, he would spend some time in the dog house, but that would be it…and I dont believe that.

    Name your source or STFU.

    • uagodfather says:

      Brian Matthews is a pretty good source…

    • pat says:

      what source..the same one that bamers kept saying about a bagman? either name the source or dont say it…i have pnly heard this among bama fans..hmmm yall r closer to our program then us? dont think so..so name the source or u credibilty is meaningless

    • Andy Casey says:

      Dyer would have to have a monster senior ear to be a first round pick – he is a good back but no where near 1st round at this point.

    • justalurker says:

      The Auburn beat reporter for the Montgomery Advertiser (Jay G Tate) hinted last week that Dyer might not be back next year. That could be his source, or he could have sources of his own but he isn’t pulling it out of thin air.

  2. Jc says:

    For reals player?

  3. James Rothschild says:

    Kristi Malzahn said he was trouble.

  4. Corby says:

    Any idea where he’d like to transfer? Do you think Petrino would welcome him?

  5. Dave says:

    why would he transfer when he would have to sit out a year to do so (unless he wants to complete his collegiate career at Jr College)?

    Sit out a game, no harm no (major) foul, stop smoking weed and move on.

  6. JT says:

    1st round draft pick? Not quite Vince

  7. Melanie says:


  8. JW says:

    I believe he could transfer to any school that is not Division I and not have to sit out a year. From what I hear…he’s done. Hope sources are wrong….

  9. mike says:

    yep it true he suspended forever. sad but glad see even a star not allowed to at Auburn!

  10. Kevin says:

    I don’t think he would have been first team if Lattimore and Knile Davis wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

  11. john says:

    because auburn SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROLL TIDE

  12. jdb says:

    Who cares the source at this point!!!!! Dyers a weak back and I’m glad he didn’t stay in ark. He’s a thug wanna be that can’t back up his trash talk. 100yds against ark in the rock!!!!I think not. Auburns nothing but a high school play calling joke. Wps cotton bowl baby!!!!!

  13. Stan says:

    another punk with a ring

  14. Sad when a player of Dyer’s caliber goes on the dope. Lets his teammates down, friends down, mama and papa down,Most of all he wastes wht could have bee. I am really and truly sorry for that WAr Eagle!I am a Bama fan but care for the young mens future. Regardless he cilor they wear,

  15. Anonymous says:

    They should just legalize Marijuana. What’s the big F’n deal about a college kid smokin a little of it.

  16. Geo says:

    Can’t believe it’s just marijuana. If that’d take you out indefinitely we’d probably have to start recruiting out of jr high.

  17. steve burnham says:

    Who cares what happens to Traitor Dyer? I sure don’t!

  18. ohhyeah says:

    We were getting on the interstate at ex.51 when we noticed the cop lights. There, in the midst of 5-7 police cars sat a very sleek black car. It had just recently happened seeing as though they were putting the guy in the car as we were passing them. I overheard someone state that, “…Dyer had been involved in some weed charges”. I’m not sure the two are connected; however, there was nothing about it in the paper OR on the news. Seems to me like they would post something like that when after it was all said and done–around 10 cruisers showed up!

  19. Gus says:

    Word on the street is Dyer is going to Arkansas State. Screw that pot smoking pot head. I don’t want him at Auburn!

    sorry guys I had a typo should been “That” not “To”
    I was to dumb in school to go to college to lurn to spell.
    But I fixed it. I thank!!!


  20. Ralhog says:

    What is wrong with MJ is that IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!!!
    Unless & until it is legalized the young people need to leave it alone.

  21. Stucarius says:

    If he has been thrown off the team for smoking weed that is ridiculous.

    Many many players in college ans the pros are using it because it has been proven to reduces the risk and severity of repetitive head injuries.

    I think it is more likely Auburn is using this to ruin his ability to leave a sinking program and force him to play another year at Auburn.

    Rumors start that he is leaving and the next thing you know is he and no other player on the whole team test positive for grass? Really? You are actually nieve enough to believe that? Gimme a break.

  22. Jones says:

    Dude is going to.arkansas state wit Gus most Arkansas papers have already reported it

  23. Jones says:

    Auburn was a one year fluke neway without cam newton this wuldnt even b a topic but because he saved auburn and won a titlemichael dyer smoking weed is news…hogs wuldnt want dude noway after we embarassed him and auburn

  24. corbin says:

    auburn was not a 1 year fluke just so you know they have 19 new starters on the team cam looked like the entire team but without the rest of the team cam would have looked like nothing. the reason this is a topic is because dyer is the best running back auburn has had in a long time, all nay sayers havent been watching him. if dyer played for alabama and trent richardson played for auburn dyer would of had an even better season than richardson did. dyer was only about 300 yards short of richardsons mark and had a much newer team

  25. Dieseldouglas says:

    Now Dyer is kicked off Arkansas St. too, for Mary Jane again? C’mon legalize it! Michael Phelps proved you can perform with Mary J!

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