Slim Chickens Celebrity Picks: Mommy Blogger Edition
November 17, 2011 2:53 pm, CST

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Kelly thinks the Hogs will get an added boost playing in Little Rock.

ESPN sideline report Cara Capuano went 6-1 last week to defeat yours truly, Dayne, and the Playstation simulation. This week mommy blogger extraordinaire Kelly Stamps shows off her football knowledge. A lifetime Razorback fan, Kelly is an ardent college football fan.

Nebraska at Michigan
Kelly: Michigan  This should be a good match up. Both 8-2, both in the top 20, both seem on a roll – I’m giving Michigan the edge since its at the Big House.
Dayne: Michigan
Flint: Michigan
Playstation Simulation: Michigan

Mississippi State at Arkansas
Kelly: Arkansas   My only concern with this game is Arkansas looking ahead to LSU. It should be no problem for Arkansas to pull off a win – Little Rock will add that magic they need. Go Hogs!
Dayne: Arkansas
Flint: Arkansas
Playstation Simulation: Arkansas…in an upset according to the virtual world

Vanderbilt at Tennessee
Kelly: Vanderbilt  This should be a good in state battle but I think everyone is underestimating Vandy this year. They are a good team.
Dayne: Vanderbilt
Flint: Vanderbilt
Playstation Simulation: Tennessee

Kansas State at Texas
Kelly: Texas   I think Texas will want to save face here. KState is a good team but Texas will pull off the win.
Dayne: Texas
Flint: Kansas State
Playstation Simulation: Kansas State

Oklahoma at Baylor
Kelly: Baylor  This may be an emotional pick because it’s what I want to happen – but I think Baylor will pull off the win. Sic Em Bears!
Dayne: Oklahoma
Flint: Oklahoma
Playstation Simulation: Oklahoma

Texas Tech at Missouri
Kelly: Missouri  Welcome to the SEC Missouri! They will show the Red Raiders how it’s done in the South!
Dayne: Missouri
Flint: Missouri
Playstation Simulation: Texas Tech

USC at Oregon
Kelly: USC  This is another emotional pick. I don’t feel too confident about this but maybe the Trojans will surprise me.
Dayne: Oregon
Flint: Oregon
Playstation Simulation: Oregon

Weekly Totals:
Kelly: 5-2
Flint: 4-3
Playstation Simulation: 4-3
Dayne: 3-4

Season Totals:
Flint: 57-27
Celebrity: 55-29
Dayne: 52-31
Playstation Simulation: 48-36

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6 Responses to “Slim Chickens Celebrity Picks: Mommy Blogger Edition”

  1. rebekah harris says:

    You are awesome, Kelly. I am with you-come’on USC and Baylor. That would be awesome for the Hogs.

  2. Louise in NE OK says:

    Boomer Sooner!!! That’s all I have to say! ;-)

  3. Kodi says:

    I love you Kelly, but I’m not loving some of these picks! K State has to win this week, and Oregon will win against USC. They have the best uniforms so that means they win right? :)

    Loving that you picked Mizzou! Go tigers!

  4. Claire says:

    Great picks, Kelly. I swear, I know so much more about American football since I started following your blog (all those moons ago!).


  5. Melissa Haywood says:

    Woooo Pig Sooie!!!

  6. Vickie says:

    Disappointed that OSU was not in the discussion….and by OSU I mean Oklahoma State! Go POKES!

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