Ref that made crucial call in Texas and Texas A&M game a Longhorn?
November 29, 2011 7:39 pm, CST

By: Flint Harris

Texas A&M defensive back Trent Hunter was called for a weak personal foul penalty in the fourth quarter of the Texas win last Thursday in College Station. With 1:20 let in the game, the senior captain was flagged for a 15 yard penalty that many believe should not have been called. K Justin Tucker made a 40 yarder on the final play to win the game 27-25. Would the kick have been good from 55? Well, Hunter tweeted tonight that the ref that flagged him is the one in the Texas hoodie in this picture. Without the game tape in front of me, I do not know the referee’s exact name, but it is likely the Field Judge, J. Taylor, Side Judge Freeman Johns, or Back Judge, Brad Van Vark.

On another note, Aggie fans will enjoy this article about Mike Sherman and his future.

13 Responses to “Ref that made crucial call in Texas and Texas A&M game a Longhorn?”

  1. Limnos says:

    Oh please….just because the aggys breached a billion dollar contract and bolted for the SEC doesn’t mean you guys need to become aggy apologists. I promise you from 30 years of experience that the SEC will rue the day they let those gomers in.

  2. Tu sucks says:

    How can you breach a contract that has a buyout clause you ignorant jackass! I can’t tell if you are a baylro idiot or dumbass sip?

  3. Tu sucks says:

    Oh, and it wasn’t that call that lost the game it was out coaches reluctance to run the ball. The three 3 ints cost us the game!

  4. DW says:

    Whatever! Aggies are such whiners! Go on to the SEC where you will get your butts kicked by Vandy and Kentucky. Hook ‘em!

  5. Ctaggie says:

    It is j. Taylor.

  6. Nicole says:

    First off dipshit, it’s “Aggie”

  7. Ryan says:

    around half of the big 12 football referees live in the Austin area… This is a fact a family friend (who happens to be a longhorn) is good friends with one of these officials and it was she who informed of me this

  8. Ryan says:

    not to mention that Texas has been accused by other teams of having the refs seemingly always make calls in there favor… and before you say its because of how big and good your program is just remember that Nebraska and Oklahoma have never been accused of anything of the sort and there program trumps your shared national championships program (yall have 4 national championships but have only won 2 national championship games…do the math)

  9. Ryan says:

    and your right that play might not have lost the game for atm… but the flat refusal by any of the referees to call pass interefernce on anybody in a longhorn jersey definatley lost the game for them…that whole game aggie receiver were being hit before the ball got there. being in perfect position to catch a ball but not being able to lift there hands because there arms were being held. or just flat pushing them away from the ball while the pass was in the air.

  10. Ryan says:

    and before you comment on me being an aggie fan let me make it perfectly clear that I am not an aggie fan… I am from Iowa and am a Hawkeye fan. I wanted the longhorns to win for one simple reason… because I hate any team/organization that is being cheat for and the longhorns and lakers are at the top of that list

  11. Ryan says:

    not to mention the fact that 99.9 percent of longhorns fans are nothing more than teeshirt fans way. I bet not a single longhorn fan who posted on here even attended UT and that is the prime example of a TEE SHIRT fan

  12. DEEZ says:

    HOOK EM!


  13. Saxman_13 says:

    figures, I am not overly suprised, if that call isn’t made, it is 3rd and 15 pretty deep in Texas’s own territory, now I’m not saying it is impossible for Texas to get down field, but it does seem very convenient that this particular call was made at the time. Was there contact? Yes…but enough contact worthy of a flag? Doubtful…so just go ahead and just play it off as us being bad sports, but having biased refs is just as bad as anything else…food for thought.

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