Brad Paisley Burning Arkansas Rug?
August 9, 2011 9:35 pm, CST

By: Flint Harris

Thanks to Twitter, I was alerted of country music star Brad Paisley burning an Arkansas rug in an attempt to get back at Eden’s Edge, who took Paisley’s West Virginia mat. Well Brad, this will not play too well in Arkansas.

Will Paisley apologize to Arkansas fans? I can hear it now…”I sincerely apologize to the great Razorback fans. I was simply trying to get back at Eden’s Edge.”

Here is Brad Paisley’s response via Twitter:

“My BELOVED WV floormat was stolen. In cold blood. STOLEN! And replaced with a Razorbacks one. And a ransom note. So…

Because as the headliner on the tour I have an obligation to win EVERY practical joke war, I took it up a notch by burning their mat.

If they had placed a Crimson Tide, or Vols, or Buckeyes, or you name it – mat there, that is what I would have burned. It was not personal.”

90 Responses to “Brad Paisley Burning Arkansas Rug?”

  1. JJ says:

    Poor taste Brad! You were one of the few country singers I could tolerate, not anymore. You’ve essentially just pissed on an entire state. No more shows in Arkansas for you.

  2. JRA says:

    Yeah, not a well thought out move. Apology will definitely be issued. Not smart, Brad, not smart. AR has a good team this year, too.

  3. Justin says:

    That guy just messed up, THE WHOLE RAZORBACK NATION IS VERY UPSET NOW….. I hope he doesnt do a show in Little Rock anytime soon because he will prolly be doing it by himself..

  4. STL says:

    I wouldn’t piss on you Brad if you were on fire! To me, that’s ALMOST as bad as burning the American flag! I think we hog fans should burn your CDs! do yourself a favor and don’t ever cross the Arkansas state line!!!!!

  5. Judy Long says:

    Wow….love pranks! However, dude you set our beloved Razorback on fire in Ohio of all places! Guess who’s music this Hog fan is no longer interested in hearing much less purchasing. Glad you don’t make much in Arkansas anyway because you are now gonna be minus a few fans!

  6. Cat says:

    Seriously? There are so many IMPORTANT things that you guys could actually get upset about.

  7. Don says:

    Brad, Brad, Brad, so somebody took the emblem of your collegiate pride as a prank. Does that merit buying, burning and filming the logo of a team a whole state (and WalMart HQ’d in ARKANSAS and distributor of about 1/2 of country music sales loves). Your talented most of the 2 million or so Razorback fans may get over it if you apologize. However there will be those that say ” I’m gonna miss him…..”. Brad, Brad, Brad the shame.

    • deeloveslsu says:

      ok, he didn’t buy the thing, Eden’s Edge did. I am a serious football fanatic and if anyone took any of my stuff and replaced with anyone’s gear it would face pretty much the same outcome! He is from WV and a serious fan, when you have something to be proud of, you should!

  8. johnny a says:

    screw you jerk off. bad move.

  9. News says:

    Contrary to public perception, most Arkansan’s are intelligent enough to realize this was done in light hearted fun, especially the ones that have heard Brad’s music.

    Without rivalry, football wouldn’t be nearly as fun. Arkansans need to get use to a little attention like this. That’s what happens when you start winning. When you’re losing they just feel sorry for you and tell you “good game”.

  10. Wattsup says:

    Come to searcy county and try burn a hog that you didnt do well..

  11. [...] about we skip to the Brad Paisley Arkansas Razorback rug burning thing. He probably didn’t mean much by it, but still, that was probably a bad [...]

  12. lee olive says:

    bad move brad, Arkanas did like you as a singer but now not at all!! I can’t believe you did that!!! you are to much of a coward to try that in ark, i agree with STL, we should burn your cd’s!!!! not a well thought out move!!!

  13. hogfan says:

    This was very distasteful, immature and disrespectful to the entire state of Arkansas. Any person who has “made it big” is because of their FANS…to disrespect an entire state the way Brad has done, shows little gratitude to the people who got him to where he is. Absolutely shameful.

  14. Penguin James Penguin says:

    Was a quick strike retaliation for “domestic terrorism”… :-) They stole the WV rug from in front of our bus… Not at all against the good folks of AR just as their theft of the WV rug was not against the good folk of WV…. ( We are going to replace their rug…but don’t tell them..) Just fun times on the road pranking a little…. Go Hogs! (and EERS)

  15. Matt says:

    Not a good move!

  16. Dooby says:


  17. Mike says:

    It would be wise to stay far away from the state of Arkansas. Your music sucks and so do you….

  18. Paul says:

    As an Arkansas fan, I just don’t understand why all the hat from other Hog fans. It was a good-natured prank in response to another prank. Come on guys! It probably wasn’t a smart move by Brad, but still, it WAS just a prank and not meant to hurt anyone.

  19. Josh says:

    Pranks are fun. Stealing a fans flag or banner happens all the time. But to steal and BURN someone else’s and then film it and post it. That is a little over the top. I’m a hog fan and it’s disrespectful in my opinion to film yourself burning another teams stuff. Stay out of Arkansas Brad!

    • deeloveslsu says:

      OMG!! Get the facts, he didn’t steal it!!! Someone else left it where his doormat was!!! Really I can’t stand all the blow hards from up there, you are not scarey at all, except maybe your food.

  20. Sam says:


  21. Carter says:

    Wish you had not done this but I will still listen to your music. Go Hogs !!!

  22. Ron says:

    It’s the Arkansas Razorbacks….
    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!

    Gooo Gators!!!

  23. Max says:

    If you choose to stop listening to Brad Paisley because of this prank, you are a moron…

  24. Jstarr says:

    Went to your concert. Wouldn’t go again. Your an idiot.

  25. Jay says:

    Who cares.

  26. Ar. Fan says:

    Brad, if you were only a country boy and stayed off the beach. You might know that when messing with the SEC, let alone the Razorbacks! Tells, everyone, will finally know that you are a Yankee!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Kristy says:

    I understand this was all done as a prank BUT it went to far when he decided to BURN the mat and then as the other country group smiled and gave him a Razorback hat he also decided to toss that into the fire!! BAD BAD BAD move

    • deeloveslsu says:

      P.S. The other country group was from Arkansas AND the ones who started this mess by taking Brad’s WV doormat. Thank you.

  28. Meg says:

    I am in no way a country music fan but I’ve always kind of liked Brad. I know he did not intentionally do this to make all of us in Arkansas mad but it just kind of rubs me the wrong way. Stick a WV sticker on their tour bus or something like that. Burning anything in this fashion is just disrespectful and tasteless and I know I’m not the only in Arkansas to think so. I think ole’ Brad will be apologizing soon. Or at least I hope so.

  29. WoooPigSoooiee! says:

    I dont give a rat’s butt what anyone of yall people have to say of us arkansas fans gettin’ mad. It’s disrespectful. He shoulda thought more o his fans & what that action might have done! All they did was simply steal a WV Rug . . Not Burn It . . Way To Go Brad!

  30. WoooPigSoooiee! says:

    & Ron . . Bet you wouldnt be sayin that if it was a Gator Rug! Stupid Moron!!!

  31. Mike says:

    Brad has just proved himself to not be too damn smart.

  32. Braid Paisley is a douche bag. I hope he gets big pay back for this.

  33. steve says:

    Is this a serious? Are people really getting pissed about this? Don’t get me wrong…I love the hogs, but this was a harmless prank. If it was a Longhorn mat, or an LSU mat, everybody would be cheering him on, and going out to buy his stuff just because. Plus its a floor mat people, you use it to wipe your dirty shoes on it, why aren’t people getting pissed that there are people wiping there dirty shoes on a razorback?

    • deeloveslsu says:

      I can promise you if it was a LSU mat the “Hog Nation” would be cheering. I don’t think they should take it so personally. I agree you would think someone wiping doggie doodie on their precious pig would be enough to make them mad but, it doesn’t.

  34. chris says:

    Ive always thought Brad Paisley was one of the nicest guys in country music.You never hear of him doing anything bad&has a good reputation but this changes my whole outlook on him.Im A Arkansas Razorback&proud of it.I wont be listening to his music anymore.He needs to just skip coming to razorback country from now on.

  35. WoooPigSoooiee! says:

    No its different when a public icon does it!

    • deeloveslsu says:

      sorry you are really wrong! His love of football and WV is part of his persona! At the end of the day he is just a guy who loves his home football team and I see nothing wrong with that.

  36. HogNation_BABY!!!! says:

    I hate brad now Try to do that in Izard County you would get your butt whopped

  37. Penguin James Penguin says:

    Good Grief Charlie Browns….. Brad had his Dad order a new (and bigger and better Arkansas Door Mat for their bus…. it was a harmless, fun and one-upmanship prank. Ask Eden’s Edge how they felt….. they loved it and are planning their revenge. Hate to see what Razorback folks would do if someone came to their game wearing an opponents logo shirt…

    • deeloveslsu says:

      I can tell ya …. nothing but run their mouths! I went to a game up their. The stadium was nasty! I was of course in full gear, all I got was a few LSWHOOS and that was about it! You know it’s their very passion for their Hogs that rivals the way Brad feels about his team, they should understand that they would do the same if their Hog gear was messed with!

  38. Morgan says:

    Used to just kinda dislike your music now I hate you. Dont come to Arkansas. Your not welcome

  39. Rhonda says:

    It’s ashame when one stupid action can change ones career. For example, The Dixie Chicks made and said some pretty stupid things and look where they are today. Oh, that’s right most people don’t remember them! Stupid actions cause less fans. Brad is just like the Dixie Chicks now, one less fan! Pig Soooie Razorbacks!!!! Go Hogs Go!!!!

  40. Billy says:

    Brad that really was a bad move. I was a huge fan of yours.
    We are all very disappointed. I’ll never listen to your music again.

  41. ROWDY KYLE says:


  42. Judge says:

    Probably not the best move, not even a razorback fan. Not a smart thing to do in any state that has a presentable ncaa program. Think lsu, alabama, auburn, or florida fans wouldn’t be upset??? Go SEC!!

  43. Rosalyn says:

    I could understand Brad Paisley reciprocating the action by taking an Arkansas rug, knowing that it was only a prank, but burning it took the whole situation to a new level of disrespect. I am not a huge hog fan (even though I am an Arkansan), but that was plan rude. It also didn’t help that he posted a video of it on YouTube and, during the whole video, made remarks about how much the Arkansas population was going to hate him. I mean, was that all necessary? I know diehard Razorback fans won’t let up easy on this situation.

  44. Susie Curl says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about, it’s not like he burned The USA Flag or said something against our troops out fighting for our country and our freedom of speech (or buring) He burned something that was mass produced probley not even in the US. It was only meant as a prank against a fellow friend. So calm down Hog Fans… and remember this the next time you are bashing another states team…. If you can dish it out you should be able to take it…

  45. Rusty Scott says:

    Brad, I once saw a biography on you, and if I am not mistaken you are from Penn.? Not for sure but I know somewhere up north. Later I found out you were a Bass fisherman and decided to give you a chance. I was so wrong. Glad I never purchased any of your music. DON’T JACK WITH MY HOGS!!! Your done dude. I hope you never feel the tug on your rod again. An apology will not do you any good in this state. Don’t even try.

  46. THOMPSON says:

    We the people of Arkansas call on Wal-Mart
    to IMMEIATELY remove all of brad paisley’s material from every store in the Word.
    You have just started your fall from the top
    BIG BOY!!!!

    • deeloveslsu says:

      Are you from Arkansas? What is immeiately??? or word??? Yeah you kind of made yourself and other Arkansans look bad!

      • Arkansas Fan says:

        deeloveslsu you have been giving your opinion to everyone on this chat board and that is respected whats not respected is when you think you are above it all and better than everyone else and when people from Arkansas give there own opinion about this you have to put them down and make them feel like they are smaller than you…and by the way I have been to a LSU game with arkansas gear on and you guys get alittle bit more vulgar than ive ever heard an Arkansas fan say to a LSU fan so you if you would stop with all the comments about Arkansas fans overreacting

  47. arkansasfan says:

    Like someone above said, this rubs me the wrong way. I do realize it was a harmless prank and for someone who’s not in the limelight all the time, it would be ok. But Brad is a celebrity who is looked at by tons of fans and if he burned any other state’s memorabilia, that state would be mad. Brad needs to realize that he has( or maybe had) tons of fans in Arkansas who helped get him to where he was, and to disrespect them like that, shows that he really doesn’t care about us. I WILL however continue to listen to Brad’s music because he is very talented, but I will never think of him again as the good ole humble country singer.

  48. Gina says:

    I can take a joke, I understand this was a joke. However, if I was in the spotlight I would behave a little better. These rednecks, that I love, and Brad sings about are pretty damn upset with him. He needs to make a heartfelt apology. Razorback fans can forgive mistakes!

  49. jetjohn says:

    Brad, I used to like you, now…not so much!! Very immature of you to burn the Razorback flag. I personally won’t be buying any more of your music!!

  50. razorback fan says:

    grrr u are a good singer stay at that and dont start with us at that we love razorbacks and now we hate you

  51. razorback fan says:

    you where my favorite singer until this im a big razorback and paisley fan you can bet im no longer you fan im so disapointted prank or not you shouldnt of done that

  52. razorback fan says:

    but its also not that bad ive been to highschool games where they set school bussses on fire this is a good thing so we can getfireed up for this year LEGO razorbacks

  53. Devout Hog Fan says:

    Dear Brad…did you forget you have a fan base in Arkansas?????
    Apparently you have never been to a Razorback game in Arkansas.
    Won’t be tailgating to Brad Paisley music anymore But we can have fun smashing your CDs with a sledge hammer while we are calling the hogs.

  54. me says:

    Grow up people my goodness its just a floor mat not the american flag ………..!

  55. arkansasfan says:

    I don’t understand why people are saying that he’s not their favorite singer anymore? why should a this small event determine whether you like him or not? And the person who wants all his CD’s removed from Wal-Mart is ridiculous. And he made an apology on Twitter everyone. Happy? This will all be forgotten in about a week atleast until his next concert in Arkansas. I’m in high school, and some of you adults are acting like you’re kindergarteners.

  56. jeremy waldrip says:

    It really says alot that it took three of them to do the job just shows don’t mess with the hogs you’lle be there a while.

  57. macBob says:

    burn that pig! bbq is great

  58. Drew says:

    He made a lot more fans than he lost with this “prank”…no malice intended…Let’s Go……..Mountaineers!!!!

  59. youpeoplearedumb says:

    Seriously? It’s sick that he even had to apologize. You people need to grow up if THIS upsets you that much! I’m a huge college football fan and if he had done the same to my team’s floormat, I would’ve laughed! Men and women are dying overseas, children in our own country are growing up with bad parents and are underfeed and uneducated. Be outraged over THAT…. not a prank between two football-loving fans. Get over yourselves.

  60. Penny Wharvey McGill says:

    This is unbelievable, to read the juvenile posts from these so-called adults in Arkansas. The overwhelming tone sounds like the immature outbursts toddlers use to hurt each others’ feelings. “You wrecked my LEGO guy, so I’m gonna scribble all over your coloring book! And I’m going home and I’m never coming back and I’m never gonna play with you ever again! You’ll be sorry!”
    However, this is the sort of mentality that people also use to choose political candidates… Nice going, Razorback fans, you’re just perpetuating the idea so prevalent across America: that Arkansas is a backward, ignorant state. And by the way–FOOTBALL IS A GAME, not a religion.

    • LANA says:

      Well said Penny!!!

      • Arkansas Fan says:

        Penny if you are insinuating that Arkansas is a backward state and is ignorant when it comes to voting and everything else then you do not know what your saying and I am kindly asking you to apologize for that comment because I live in Arkansas and yes we do cheer for the hogs hard but we really don’t appreciate when people trash the only major college we have in the state and put it up on youtube for everyone to see and also if your so affended by how people are defending their states pride then why not just click the exit button in the top right corner instead of making some comment that is demeaning to all of us

  61. studly says:

    Kiss all of our TRUE RAZORBACKS butts. You prick.

  62. Tonia jones says:

    Um. You are obviously a displaced Arkansan afflicted with our inferiority complex. Can’t get over it despite the $$$ college education your parents paid for.

  63. LANA says:

    Ok…FIRST of all…it was a DAMN RUG…not like he barbecued Tusk! Second, he only squirted the lighter fluid…he didn’t actually light the fire himself. And thirdly…everyone is entitled to an opinion. I think there is a lot more going on around us that could use attention other than people ragging on someone burning a rug!

  64. Sara says:

    It was just a matt…you all act as if he burned the american flag….geez… grow up and have more faith in your country instead of in a football team.

  65. Leigh Ann says:

    Ok so I’m from Arkansas and we are not ignorant lady thats hurtful and just pisses me off. Anyway not all of us feel this way. I’m a huge Razorback fan and yeah he should have thought bout this before he did it. It was just a joke people get over it if someone stuck an LSU or an Alabama rug i would have done the same thing. He apologized its over, done, case closed.

  66. bobg150 says:

    Just seen Brad on the CMA on ABC, looks like burning that rug really didnt hurt much, I’m an Arkansas fan. Born, rasied and have been here for over forty years, I wonder how many above are transplants to Arkansas, I can say this Arkansan can take a joke, thats all it was, good ole boys playing game’s. Im not big into country music but I listen to it some , Brad seems real, Remember this folks, His dad was a volunteer fire fighter, that tells me one thing for sure, He was raised in the country.
    Some of you really make me ashamed to be from this State, lighten up, is your life really so boring you have to worry about some BS like this?

  67. the best hog fan says:

    that was pretty wrong brad you have just messed with the pig nation good luck when your tour bus has to travel through arkansas you might wanna go through without stoping or take a detour.

  68. HogFanCountryMusician says:

    Just so everyone knows, the 3 group members in Eden’s Edge are all from Russellville, AR. They initiated the prank by taking his floor mat and replacing it with the Hog one. If you are any kind of country music fan, you also know that Brad Paisley is the biggest prankster in the business and loves pranking his opening acts on tour and they will always try to retaliate. It makes spending 200 days a year on a bus much more fun. As not only a diehard, lifelong Razorback fan but also a fellow country music performer, I have no problem with the way Brad retaliated to Eden’s Edge’s prank. Sure, maybe burning it wasn’t the best idea, but as you can see in the video, he lit it at the precise moment when EE was walking up to him, making sure they saw his retaliation to their prank. Which by the way, was a very good one! Brad loves that floor mat, as you must now know.

    Also, for those of you who didn’t listen to Bob Robbins on KSSN 96 this morning, Brad called in and personally apologized to 2 million Arkansans who took it offensively, however, somehow the biggest country radio personality in the state of Arkansas (Bob Robbins) thought it was a very good prank and just laughed it off, even though he did agree burning may not have been the best idea. In the end, Brad called the Hogs LIVE on the radio and it’s all in the past.

    Lighten up a little bit people and let Brad and Eden’s Edge have their fun on the road.

  69. ark says:

    ok, for all those who say, why are arkansans and hog fans so upset about brad paisly burning a razorback rug. well if it were the american flag we’d all be pissed and if it were your state you’d be upset to.

  70. Tracy Purifoy says:

    Not cool at all. Im not a country music fan but I’m a Razorback fan.

  71. TracieMikey says:

    #19 Paul, Brad may have burned the Arkansas Mat, but You didn’t set and watch Eden Edge burn the WV mat they stole from Brad. Brad went a little to far on this one and I really think it BACKFIRED on Brad!!!!

  72. Hogfan says:

    Burn 10 LSU mats in repentance.

  73. Doug says:

    I just found out about this dispicable act by one of my favorite country singer but now he is one of my most hated singer. I worked his show on the 8th of sept at mayport florida and if I would have known this happened then I would not have volunteered to work it Im in the US Navy that volunteered to work security for him. HOW DARE YOU BURN A ARKANSAS MAT.

  74. reasonable person says:

    seriously people?? i live in arkansas, and it is not that big of deal. i still love Brad and his music. if your going to say he has no fans in arkansas, thats a lie. and its also dumb to stop liking him and his music because of a harmless joke.

  75. WVU says:


  76. seriously! says:

    why would brad care? while yall are on here talkin crap..hes still makin more money then yall ever will! oh and hes still at the top!!!!

  77. anna says:


  78. Hard core 'back fans need to chill says:

    Umm, hello? He said “nothing personal.” He would have done it to any other mat. It’s just a prank war! Like you guys have never done something similar? Get y’all’s panties out of a twist! What jerks!

    I’m an Arkansan, and I still love you Brad! I would have done the same as you, even if it was a Razorback mat!

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