SEC Bucket List #69- The Walk of Champions: Oxford, Mississippi
April 4, 2011 9:08 am, CST

By: Paul Fryant

If you haven’t made it to Oxford, Mississippi on a football Saturday in the fall, then you need to figure out a weekend that you can make the trip to North Mississippi; I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!  I feel pretty certain that at some point later in this bucket list we will delve a little more into the whole tradition that is The Grove, but today we will look at one specific part of the Grove experience, and that is the Walk of Champions.

A few hours before every home game in the fall the Rebel players and coaches file under the arches that read “Walk of Champions” as they make their way from the Student Union to the Starnes Training Center and finally on to the stadium.  The arches were constructed in the fall of 1998 and they serve as the entrance to the east side of The Grove.  The arch was actually given to the University by the 1962 Rebel Football team, to this day the only undefeated Rebel team.  They finished the 1962 season a perfect 10-0.

The Walk of Champions is a great way to get close to the players and a way for the players to feel the love from the Rebel faithful.  There is just something about being able to shake Deuce McAllister, Eli Manning, and other great Rebel’s hands and wish them good luck as they pass right in front of you.

It is quite an experience to see the “Grove Party” shut down for just a few minutes as the players make their way through the Walk of Champions during each home game. Rebel fans love their Grove, but in the end they love a chance to get up close and personal with the players that they support as they traverse the Walk of Champions on their way to the field of Saturday afternoon battle.

# 71- Drink Gatorade in the Swamp-Florida
# 72- Chant S-E-C-SEC
# 73- Bear Bryant Museum-Alabama
# 74- Bubba Hog-Arkansas
# 75- Tailgating Outside Death Valley-LSU
# 76- Nova’s Pre-Game Flight-Auburn
# 77- Death to the BCS-SEC
# 78- Oxford Square-Ole Miss
# 79- Sorority Row-Alabama
# 80- Pancake Pantry-Vanderbilt
# 81- Cowbells-Mississippi State
# 82- Weaver D’s-Georgia
# 83- Rupp Arena-Kentucky
# 84- Senior Walk-Arkansas
# 85- God and Football-SEC
# 86- Balleyhoo’s Bananas Foster-Florida
# 87- Behind the Scenes with Mike the Tiger-LSU
# 88- Signing Day at the Blind Pig-Georgia
# 89- Vol Navy-Tennessee
# 90- Rammer Jammer-Alabama
# 91- Cocky and 25 Seconds-South Carolina
# 92- Golden Girls-LSU
# 93- Jerry World-SEC
# 94- Jumbotron-Mississippi State
# 95- Battle Hymn-Georgia
# 96- Feltner’s Whatta Burger-Arkansas
# 97- Ole Miss Student Section-Ole Miss
# 98- “It’s Football Time in Tennessee”- Tennessee
# 99- 2 Bits-Florida
# 100- Momma G’s Nachos-Auburn

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