SEC Bucket List- #77 Death to the BCS
March 16, 2011 10:40 am, CST

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The BCS is exposed in Death to the BCS.

SEC fans are keenly aware of five straight national titles won by four different SEC teams. The BCS system may not be perfect, but for the last five years it has worked perfectly for the best conference in college football. Regardless of your view on the BCS or a playoff, Death to the BCS by Dan Wetzel, Josh Peter, and Jeff Passan is mandatory reading. The authors did a fantastic job digging up facts and figures from around the world of college football. I have never been pro-playoff, but Death to the BCS presents a logical argument and the best design for a playoff system to date.

The authors understand that a playoff system must take academics into consideration, make more money than the BCS, and protect the regular season. While the first two are not an issue, the third one is up for debate. The way they suggest seeding the teams does put me at ease just a little, but not enough to make me a full-fledged playoff fan.

Conference commissioners and bowl executives are seen as part of the “cartel” against a playoff. The authors delve into great detail about how these groups make their money and why they are pro-BCS.

I do not want to give you all of the details in the book, but here are a few of the hot topics: non-conference scheduling, bowl payouts, dead bowls, the impact of ESPN’s College Gameday, and the most fascinating section of all about the overall lack of intelligence from poll voters.

The book is less than 200 pages, so even if you are not a big reader, buy yourself a copy and put it in your magazine rack next to your porcelain throne. As a college football fan, you are doing yourself a disservice if you are not aware of the information presented in this book. As an SEC fan, the BCS is well and good for now, but wait until another situation like the 2004 Auburn fiasco plays itself out, and we will all be quoting facts from Death to the BCS.

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# 78- Oxford Square-Ole Miss
# 79- Sorority Row-Alabama
# 80- Pancake Pantry-Vanderbilt
# 81- Cowbells-Mississippi State
# 82- Weaver D’s-Georgia
# 83- Rupp Arena-Kentucky
# 84- Senior Walk-Arkansas
# 85- God and Football-SEC
# 86- Balleyhoo’s Bananas Foster-Florida
# 87- Behind the Scenes with Mike the Tiger-LSU
# 88- Signing Day at the Blind Pig-Georgia
# 89- Vol Navy-Tennessee
# 90- Rammer Jammer-Alabama
# 91- Cocky and 25 Seconds-South Carolina
# 92- Golden Girls-LSU
# 93- Jerry World-SEC
# 94- Jumbotron-Mississippi State
# 95- Battle Hymn-Georgia
# 96- Feltner’s Whatta Burger-Arkansas
# 97- Ole Miss Student Section-Ole Miss
# 98- “It’s Football Time in Tennessee”- Tennessee
# 99- 2 Bits-Florida
# 100- Momma G’s Nachos-Auburn

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