SEC Bucket List- #74 Bubba Hog
March 20, 2011 9:07 pm, CST

Bubba Hog is a legend in Fayetteville. Picture from Icon Sports Media, Inc.

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Every fan base has that super fan that has become a cult hero. Alabama has a fan with the Bear Bryant tattoo on his back, Georgia has Mike Woods with the painted bulldog on his bald head, and Arkansas has Bubba Hog. Here is a picture of Bubba Hog at the 2011 Sugar Bowl.

Bubba Hog plays to the national perception of Arkansas fans. He wears cut off jean shorts, a flannel shirt that is not likely to stay on during his performance, a blue hat with long black hair underneath, and some fighter pilot sunglasses. During Razorbacks football and basketball games, Bubba Hog, Austin Morgan is his real name, will chose a timeout to dance along with the Arkansas band. Bubba Hog is not a small man or to be confused with an Abercrombie model, but his enthusiasm and zeal for Razorback athletics is easy to see. The performance varies depending on the size and encouragement from the crowd. During a big game, Bubba Hog is likely to take his shirt off and ride it stick-horse style.

While I can try to convey the experience to you in words all day, watching Bubba Hog in action will get the point across. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see Bubba Hog in action.

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