SEC Bucket List- #71 Drink Gatorade in The Swamp
March 26, 2011 4:31 pm, CST

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You will need some GATORade when you watch a game in The Swamp.

The Swamp is insanely warm and humid during college football season. As a fan, you are bound to sweat off a couple of pounds thanks to the world’s largest outdoor sauna. However, Florida offers you a great solution, Gatorade.

By now most people know the back story about a Florida assistant coach, Ray Graves, asking researchers at the University of Florida in the mid-1960′s to find a beverage to help replace fluids in his football players lost due to sweating in hot environments. The solution was Gatorade.

Everyone has surely enjoyed Gatorade at some point in time. However, it is a little iconic sipping on a Gatorade inside the Swamp. My standard rule involves rarely, if ever, purchasing concessions inside the stadium due to the ridiculous prices, but I did enjoy Gatorade on my visits to the Swamp. You need the Gatorade to help keep you hydrated prices by damned.

# 72- Chant S-E-C-SEC
# 73- Bear Bryant Museum-Alabama
# 74- Bubba Hog-Arkansas
# 75- Tailgating Outside Death Valley-LSU
# 76- Nova’s Pre-Game Flight-Auburn
# 77- Death to the BCS-SEC
# 78- Oxford Square-Ole Miss
# 79- Sorority Row-Alabama
# 80- Pancake Pantry-Vanderbilt
# 81- Cowbells-Mississippi State
# 82- Weaver D’s-Georgia
# 83- Rupp Arena-Kentucky
# 84- Senior Walk-Arkansas
# 85- God and Football-SEC
# 86- Balleyhoo’s Bananas Foster-Florida
# 87- Behind the Scenes with Mike the Tiger-LSU
# 88- Signing Day at the Blind Pig-Georgia
# 89- Vol Navy-Tennessee
# 90- Rammer Jammer-Alabama
# 91- Cocky and 25 Seconds-South Carolina
# 92- Golden Girls-LSU
# 93- Jerry World-SEC
# 94- Jumbotron-Mississippi State
# 95- Battle Hymn-Georgia
# 96- Feltner’s Whatta Burger-Arkansas
# 97- Ole Miss Student Section-Ole Miss
# 98- “It’s Football Time in Tennessee”- Tennessee
# 99- 2 Bits-Florida
# 100- Momma G’s Nachos-Auburn

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  1. GatorHater says:

    Is “Gatorade” code for the urine-filled water bottles yall are known for chucking at Tennessee and other opposing fans inside the Swamp?

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