SEC Bucket List- #93 Jerry World
February 17, 2011 10:11 am, CST

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In the SEC, we all know how important both the Georgia Dome, the permanent home of the SEC Championship Game, and the Superdome, where the SEC champion typically lands, are. It is time to add another stadium to the list, Jerry World. I believe it is actually called Cowboys Stadium. However, it is known as Jerry World.

I trust everyone has seen Jerry World on television since the Super Bowl was recently played there. As an SEC fan, there are several opportunities each year to catch an SEC team playing in Jerry World. In 2011, LSU opens their season against Oregon. In 2012, Alabama starts their season with a game against Michigan in Jerry World. Arkansas and Texas A&M will be in year three in the 2011 season of a lengthy multi-year deal to play in Jerry World. Alas, the Cotton Bowl Classic is played in Jerry World too. So, maybe you are a fan of one of those teams or you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Regardless, you need to catch a game at Jerry World, and here is why.

Jerry World is unlike any other American stadium. The final price tag on the stadium was $1.3 billion and seats about 80,000 without including standing room only seats. The monstrous Jumbotron spans 60 yards. There are field level suites next to the playing field stocked with televisions, a wet bar, and the closest seats to the action this side of a sideline pass. Jerry World policy also allows fan to keep any footballs that come into the stands during the game. If you pay for some of the better seats in the stadium, you will get exclusive access to one of the 10 clubs/bars with comfortable seating. The last reason to go to Jerry World for an SEC game is that it is an event, not just a game.

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One Response to “SEC Bucket List- #93 Jerry World”

  1. Go Vols says:

    This place is a horrible place to watch a game. No real SEC traditionalist would enjoy it. Miss the original Cotton Bowl.

    I went to 5 or so games the first year from the second tier suite and below. Even was in a suite for the NBA All-Star game. The jumbo tron is way toooooooo big and all you do is watch it instead of whats going on on the field. It’s like flies to light. Horrible place, and don’t care to go to games unless it’s just something to do. Even then I will think about it.

    (Just found this site)

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