Houston Nutt to Colorado?
November 28, 2010 3:31 pm, CST

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Is Houston Nutt leaving Ole Miss for Colorado?

It is 10:30pm CST, and I have just received word from a news anchor in Denver that Houston Nutt is not the number one candidate on the Colorado list after the anchor communicated with someone of the “highest authority” at Colorado. I am not sure if Nutt is leaving Ole Miss or not because my original source was not from Ole Miss. Nutt has been involved in these coaching discussions before.  Of course nothing is absolute until Colorado hires a new head coach. Colorado has given themselves a deadline of December 1st to hire a coach. If they stick to that, we will have all of our answers by Wednesday.

It is 11:30 CST and 9News in Denver has now reported on air that Nutt will not be hired after the highest authority I mentioned earlier confirmed Nutt is not their guy. My original story is below.

According to a source close to the situation, Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt is set to take the head coaching vacancy at Colorado. Nutt has been down this road before. While at Arkansas, Nutt was heavily intertwined with the Nebraska and LSU coaching vacancies before becoming the Ole Miss head coach. Clearly nothing is official until we hear something resolute from Nutt himself.

Nutt apparently has been unhappy with Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone for some time now. If you saw Nutt’s press conference from a few weeks ago, you could sense his frustration. Click here for a link to the press conference from Rebelgrove.com.

Nutt apparently has a relationship with former Buff coach Bill McCartney, who himself has wanted to become more involved around Colorado football again. McCartney and Nutt were keynote speakers at The Standard, a men’s ministry conference, in 2009. McCartney has been in Nutt’s corner during the Colorado search for a new coach since Dan Hawkins was recently fired.

Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn has interviewed former Buff star Eric Bieniemy, but Bieniemy is no longer considered a candidate to land the job. A name on the periphery is former UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell. Dorrell is a former Colorado offensive coordinator and Denver Broncos wide receiver coach, but could be best described as a Plan B option at this time. Bohn prefers to hire a coach with head coaching experience. Nutt certainly is experienced.

Colorado is moving to the Pac 12 next season and bringing a well-tenured SEC coach to the sidelines with a bevy of coaching experience would certainly help recruiting in Boulder. Nutt has an overall record of 97-64 and 52-52 record in SEC games in 13 seasons at Arkansas and Ole Miss.

124 Responses to “Houston Nutt to Colorado?”

  1. Freddie says:

    This would be a huge loss to Ole Miss. They need to take care of their Coaches.

    • Joe says:

      He walked into a program filled with talent from the former coach and now they are all gone. Take him please, yall will get a big dose of run, run, long pass, ooppsssssss interception!

    • SouthArMissStateFan says:

      I hope that this is not true and that Nutt stays at Ole Miss for life. The deserve him. They deserve to to be a below average to average team for life for hiring him in the first place. He cant recruit, but always seems to win a game he shouldn’t and lose several that he shouldn’t. He has turned Ole Miss into another Vandy, but wait Vandy beat him… ROFL!!!!

  2. Rebel Mike says:

    Good riddance. Enjoy

  3. Michael says:


    You are not a smart man.Getting rid of was an excellent move by Arkansas.

  4. Blake says:

    I hope this happens quickly. Houston Nutt is a horrible fit for Ole Miss.

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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  7. Hill Climber says:

    You can get ready to take this to the bank.

    (Pun intended per ex-banker/current Ole Miss micromanager AD Pete Boone)

    Boone ran off Cutcliff, made the worst hire in college football history with Ed Orgeron, and no seasoned coach is going to put up with his antics.

    Read Nutt to Colorado

  8. ryan says:

    IF this is true Pete Boone needs to have his A– kicked. I am tired of our revolving door. Fire Boone, Keep Nutt.

  9. Bill says:

    Ole Miss has the most self destructive and divisive administration in the school’s history.

    The changes need to come from the top; Dan Jones and Pete Boone; or this insanity will continue. NO desirable head coach will make Oxford his permanent home as long as those two sabotaging nutcases are there.

  10. Hill Climber says:

    Ryan, it should be news by tomorrow afternoon.

  11. Hotty Toddy says:

    Boone needs to get his wallet out and do what it takes to keep the best coach we have had in 50 years from leaving town. We were a joke of a program before Houston came to town and just as he has us poised for dominance Boone runs him off with his meddling. He had Arkansas poised for a BCS bid when they ran him off and now we are doing the same. It is a sad day for the Rebels.

    • Bob Petrino says:

      Nutt had Arkansas poised for a BCS Bid??? LOLOL what in the hell are you smoking?

    • Jeff M says:

      Poised for dominance?!? You have no quarterback and finished at the bottom of the SEC West; lost to Vandy and J-State this year, whatever you are smoking must be illegal.

    • DLH says:

      Two the two posters above me… looks like the original reply forgot the SARCASM button.

    • Ole Missy says:

      Were we a joke of a program under Cutcliffe? You seem to me to be an idiot! The rebels need more money for players, that is all there is too it. If we had a machine like Bama, then we would be in the SEC championship, but we don’t because of y’all. All we want to do is grip and complain about Coach O and Nutt and Cut and blah blah blah. A bunch of whiny nagging men!

  12. Reb says:

    He’s gone! Ole Miss to move up with it’s next new coach! Will let you know shortly, but he has a child enrolled at ole miss now.

  13. ken says:

    nutt has a myriad of problems he’s trying to get away from. atleast 40% of team is in serious academic trouble. the cupboard is really going to be bare next year.

  14. Jim says:

    What is wrong with you people? If i was an Ole Miss fan, this would be the best news I have heard all day. He is awful..He is nothing but a rah-rah preacher. He can’t coach. The best thing Arkansas did was let that guy go. You guys can do WAY better than Nutt.

  15. Hogs says:

    Nutt better stay at Ole Miss! He has a price to pay for leaving the U of A with zero talent, running off Malzahn and on and on

  16. edward mills says:

    I would like him to stay at Ole Miss. If anybody goes at OLE MISS, it should be Tyrone NIX, DEFENSIVE CO.

  17. Hogs says:

    Nutt never got to the BCS with Darren McFadden and Feliz Jones in the same backfield b/c he has no idea when or how to pass. Average to below average coach if you know anything bout football. QB KILLA is a pretty good motivator though.

    • Hog Fan 2 says:

      Don’t forget Peyton Hillis. When has a college coach ever had a better trio of running backs and the best he could do was a loss in the Capital One Bowl. Saban would have won a national championship. If it were not for Malzhan they wouldn’t have even been that good and the he ran him off.

  18. Taylor says:

    Fire Pete Boone! Too many of the problems Ole Miss has come across directly stem from ol’ Pete.

  19. River Rance says:

    Houston Nutt is a .500 SEC coach…maybe one or two games over .500 in SEC…look it up.

  20. Razorbacker says:

    Wow! Hotty Toddy must be Nutt’s agent Jimmy Sexton trying to get him some extra $$$. If not, wow Nutt is still the best car salesman ever!!! I hope that he stays at Ole Miss for eternity!!! I LOVE seeing his soap opera act on a weekly basis.

  21. JohnnyMac says:

    Yayyyyyyy! Let him go. This year was terrible. Nutt has no passion for coaching at Ole Miss. Get him out of here and hire someone who does.

  22. Lisa says:

    The number 11 poster said he had us (Arkansas) poised for a BCS bid. Is that person crazy? All he did for us was run off players, and lose big games. Ole Miss will be better off without him, because if they keep him, the program will continue on the cuurent downslide it is on. Sooie!

  23. KayEspi says:

    I have all fingers ‘n toes crossed that Boone ponies up the BIG $$$$ to sign Nutt to an extended contract for at least TEN years!!! And don’t forget to keep those bright and promising assistants happy with their very own extended contracts w/BIG $$$$.

    Hotty Toddy, do not despair. There IS light at the end of the tunnel; Sexton is working his magic as we speak.

    We want Hootie ‘n his gang to be Black Bears at Ole Miss like FOREVER.

    Hotty Toddy

  24. smokinhammer says:

    Pete Boone needs his @$$ kicked up between his ears even if Nutt stays he’s a sorry excuse for an athletic director!

  25. Paquita Childress says:

    The coach is not the problem…sure wish they would look at the source of the problem and NOT THE COACH!

  26. razor fan says:

    Please keep Nutt a few more years! We are counting on several more easy wins for the golden handcuffs he took with him to Oxford, although it does dilute the percieved coaching prowess in the SEC.

  27. TNReb says:

    Please Please take Nutt, I never in my life witnessed a more unorganized football team.. I have never seen a coach do so little with so much talent

  28. 5StarRebel says:

    Hotty Toddy you have lost your mind if you think Nutt is the best coach we have had in 50 years. I don’t agree with our administration, but this season was unacceptable with the talent we have on the field. Nutt has won with Coach O’s players and there is no excuse for our record this year. If this is a down year we should still have won 6-7 games. Anything less is not acceptable.

  29. MOBILEreb says:

    Well it’s just dandy that another good coach is leaving Ole Miss. Our incompetent AD chased off Cutcliff and now Nutt. I’ll stop supporting Ole Miss and will begin again ONLY when they FIRE the source of all their problems: Pete Boone. This insanity has got to stop!

    • HottyToddyJosh says:

      I agree!! I don’t think Houston is a long term answer for us but if we don’t fix the problems up top then we won’t consistently win no matter who is coaching. The AD’s job description is not to coach. It’s to manage the finances and support whoever is coaching the Rebs in their respective sports. My question is, why would you hassle Houston (grant it, we looked HORRIBLE all season long), but AK we leave alone even after he made us look RIDICULOUS with the Cinn. cab driver incident. I just don’t understand Pete Boone being the AD at Ole Miss and the only thing that can change that is Alumni and donors removing support, writing, and calling Dan Jones until he has no choice but to make a decision to fire him.

  30. Dwight K Shrute says:

    What people discount when talking about Nutt are the intangibles he brings to the table. Twice, twice he has taken over teams that were horrible and immediately took them to 9 wins and Jan. 1 bowl games. Ole Miss had not been to back to back Jan 1 bowls in 50 years, fifty. It’s not just the wins and losses it’s the attitude he brings to downtrodden teams. He is a winner and a fighter and his teams follow his lead. He also energizes the fan base and builds bridges with the media. He will answer media members calls or texts even into the late hours of the night. Lastly he is a people helper. Everyone knows the story of Masoli, but he also helped Mitch Mustain. He knew Mitch was unhappy at Arkansas so he had a friend send some e-mails to Mitch to say hey it’s ok if you leave, do what’s best for you. I’m hoping he does go to the Colorado because he will not only elevate that program but the entire conference.

    • gibraltar321 says:

      “it’s the attitude he brings to downtrodden teams” what attitude is that..that I can make you mediocore. “he also helped Mitch Mustain” everybody look that story up…not exactly how it happened. “He also energizes the fan base” Ole Miss fans…how do ya feel?

  31. Hudge says:

    HDN Leaving Ole Miss will be a plus for the program, just like it was when he left Arkansas. Ole Miss fans should just be happy he hasn’t had 10 years to tear apart their program.

  32. Huntinfool says:

    Houston Nutt and Frank Broyles almost gutted Arkansas program with their good buddy crap, they ran off more top players and coaches than any other program in the SEC. He is the worst excuse for a top coach in SEC , he would have to leave the south and go somewhere else where they would not recognize his stupidity. Kind of like Hillary and Bill did to those stupid New Yorkers.

    • Dave says:

      Um,, Huntinfool, you still have the Ole buddy system live and well in Arkansas. He is keeping his ole buddy Willy, and his ole special teams coach buddy, both of which are terrible, but like Petrino said “they gave me my shot”.

      Just saying…oh I’m sure his brother who lived on his shoes for years, was a buddy too.
      Just saying

  33. rdd says:

    Hotty toddy has had one too many… he left us poised for nothing BUT mediocrity. A BCS bid my eye….roflolol. So glad he’s not our problem anymore. Feel free to keep him if ya want. It’s just one less team for us to worry about in the SEC.

  34. alabamahottytoddy says:

    Being a season ticket holder, I have to say that this year’s team was one of the most poorly coached I have seen, especially from a defensive standpoint. Our offense at best was very vanilla, but still somehow managed to score points, just not enough for what the defense would give up sometimes. On offense we would run the same play in a row several times just to the opposite side of the field. We played the most complete game of the year against LSU only to lose because of a stupid 15 yard penalty. I personally think it’s time to bring in a young coach with new ideas and let’s build this program from the ground up. We aren’t going anywhere in the direction we are headed right now.

  35. ALREB says:

    If he leaves because of Pete Boone then that sorry sob needs to be fired. He has a top 15 recruiting class coming in and frankly Ole Miss is not going to find a better coach that is not going to use Ole Miss as a stepping stone to somewhere else. He’s the third best coach we have had in the history of the school. He’s the best coach besides Tuberville we have had in my lifetime. I mean think about it we have had Billy Brewer, Tuberville, Cutcliffe, Ogeron, and now Nutt. Not exactly top tier guys in there. Ole Miss needs to get rid of the higher administration and get people in there that will get out of the coach’s way.
    @5StarRebel – what talent? Are you talking about that stellar secondary we have? Maybe your talking about the defensive lineman? I mean take Powe out of it and who is left? Other than DJ Shockley we have no talent on the defensive side of the ball.

  36. Hotty Toddy says:

    Yes, fifty years! No other coach has taken us to back to back New Year’s bowls. Tommy Tuberville couldn’t come close to accomplishing that before he crawled off to Auburn. Winning two Cotton Bowls back-to-back is like winning a BCS game.

    Houston Nutt is a fine Christian man and he is trying to build something special here. Anyone who knows anything about football can watch this team and see that they are so close to becoming one of the special programs in the country. He cares about his players and builds fine men off and on the field. You don’t see character problems on his teams.

    Rebel fans need to look at the history books and remember how dismal it has been since the days of Coach Vaught.

    • Jeff M says:

      Nutt’s 10 years at Arkansas were actually littered with “character problems.” I still remember this gem: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/college/football/sec/2002-10-23-arkansas-brooks_x.htm

      That one was probably the worst, but it was far from the only one.

      • Jeff M says:

        Here’s a small collection of some more shining characters during Nutt’s Arkansas tenure.

      • Hotty Toddy says:

        Coach Houston Nutt is the best coach we have had in 50 years. If you don’t believe me watch his press conference the week before the Egg Bowl, he says so himself and you cannot argue against it. I looked up the records, he is the best.

        My only problem with Coach Nutt is this; Vanderbilt is his Kryptonite, other than that he is Superman. In his defense we play Vandy too early in the season when they are good. If we played them in November we would beat them.

        • nashville rebel says:

          I am sorry Hotty Toddy, “Vandy is his Kryptonite”? I guess J’state, Ark, Alabama, Aub, LSU, MSU, and UT are from Krypton too. I say let them all go! Cutt needed to go, Coach ‘O’ was let go 3 years too late, Nutt needs to go as well. In 13 years in the SEC he’s had like 8 offensive coordinators and has run the same plays! He support Tyrone Nix (for some reason) when we gave up 422 points this year, the most in Ole Miss history. I am not asking for the rebirth of J. Vaught, but I would like someone who makes some sort of sense. We ended the year with 5 suspended player due to rules problems and kicked off 3 starters (Barksdale, Patterson, and Richsaw). There are tons of problems. As a season ticket holder in NASHVILLE, my only saving grace is selling tix to opposing fans to come watch a sure win in Oxford. And I have not let anyone down with that promise yet!

    • Wake up, People says:

      Hotty Toddy, no character problems on Nutt’s teams?? That is a laughable statement. What about the DUI’s, the plethora of dope smokers (even smoking dope before the games) and Masoli–when Nutt sold any character he had left to get him here?? There is little to NO character whatsoever among the starters and these kids take their lead from Nutt and his assistants, both on and off the field.

  37. haneyps says:

    I hate Pete Boone. He sucks as an A.D. and needs to be fired. He has done NOTHING to help Ole Miss’ cause. He is a detriment to all of the athletic programs. No coach in their right mind would work for that jerk. Fire Boone NOW!!!

  38. Rebels Forever says:

    I would have to agree, Ole Miss needs to consider how many coaches they have been going through. No one is going to want to come Oxford with an athletic director who has the history ours has. Boone has done nothing good for the football/sports program at Ole Miss in my opinion. He has destroyed it!

  39. Paul says:

    I haven’t agreed with everything coach Nutt has done this year, but he has a record of being a good coach. We need to remember that! It’s time for Pete Boone to be gone, there’s been too many problems with him and other coaches in the past. Let’s get over this set back and move forward for next year. Nutt leaving will be a bigger set back than what we have already faced this year.

  40. Hill Climber says:

    Hog, I thought most of you Hog fans had seen the light on your boy Gus after his last string of recruiting ethics came to light. Oh well, you must be one’a them Springdale folk then. Anyway, your boy only wishes he could get a job like Colorado. But Colorado already put a presser denying him admission after Cam, did they not.

    I know some Hog fans who will never allow your boy back at Arkansas. And they aren’t poor endzone sitters either.

    Anyway, as I said at the top, book Nutt to Colorado. And I think the TV is already confirming it.

  41. MSUGuy says:

    Pony up the cash and keep Nutt. we want to keep the egg bowl streak going!!!

    • HottyToddyJosh says:

      Well I know State fans aren’t used to winning but I have to say that State fans have been the BIGGEST bunch of deuches the past two seasons. You would have thought they have done something with their lives but that’s ok. The only thing you guys can learn from is your coach and he’s not exactly the classiest guy in america. So good luck with your Egg Bowl streak all you need is 30 just to even the series back up.

      • fhdawg says:

        Idiot! We are no bigger deuches than you elitist. You guys spout nothing but sour grapes. It looks like the head rat is swimming away from the ship! Too bad! Of course, he could just be playing y’all for more money…AGAIN!

        • HottyToddyJosh says:

          Hey dude if you think we are better then you then go for it. My mom is a State alumni and I pulled for state until I was at last years game when you guys, deservingly so, beat the crap out of us. I didn’t have a problem with that, I mean you loose some and you win some but then as I’m leaving the stadium I had 15 idiots talking ALL KINDS of trash and ringing their idiotic bell in my ear for 2 miles back to a bus. Thats generally what I would call deuches. Then this game I’m walking back after being being again, rightfully so, and these idiots are literally stalking a band member just yelling in his ear. Not just once but literally following him over campus. So i don’t want to hear this trash about elitist. If you wanted to have done Law, Medical, Pharmacy, or Business you could have came and you probably would have loved it, I know I have. But don’t be made because our school puts out graduates who make more money then you guys. And it doesn’t help that you guys try to be like us. Cotton Distrcit, The Junction, I mean really…

          • SECFan33 says:

            Wow…did this jerk just stoop to elementary school playground tactics? Did he really just say: “don’t be made(it’s spelled MAD moron)because our school puts out graduates who make more money then(should be THAN moron)you guys”.
            LOL…that is EXACTLY why so many people can’t stand Ole Miss. I’m glad Miss State embarassed them again.

          • mj says:

            I was a member of the Ole Miss band and during last year’s egg bowl at Starkville while trying to get back on the band buses, several State fans began to spit on me and other band members while screaming in our ears and getting in our faces, and throwing trash at us. If that isn’t the definition of “douche,” then I don’t know what is. To all of you state fans, our “elite” school does not pay the band anything (we get scholarship money from donations), while your school pays your students generous scholarships, so pick someone to harass who comes to the game out of choice, not for a class credit.

  42. Hotty Toddy says:

    Coach Nutt will not leave Ole Miss unless he is forced out by the meddler Boone. Coach Nutt loves his players too much and knows they came to Ole Miss to play for him and learn from his teaching.

    Coach Houston Nutt has a National Championship under construction in Oxford.

  43. haneyps says:

    Guys…keep in mind who we lost after last season. Not only did we lose a ton of players to the NFL but we also lost Kent Austin to a head coaching job. Going into the season, most people believed we would not fair well this year. Though I’m no expert, I felt this year would be a rebuilding year. There were a few games at most we could have won or should have won. This year, we lost starting players to injuries and suspensions. We didn’t get set on a starting offensive line until halfway through the season. Our starting QB from the previous two years, Jevan Snead, unwisely bolted for the NFL (I’ll bet he wishes he could have a do-over). Raymond Cotton (QB)left Ole Miss for the University of South Alabama. We have some good high school players with verbal commits to Ole Miss. If Nutt leaves, we may as well hang it up. Recruiting will go to pot and Mississippi State will scarf up every player they can and the rest will go out of state. We’ll be five or six years turning the program around again. Nutt is a damn good coach. He took Arkansas to bowl games eight out of the ten years he was there and at least one SEC Championship game. Name one coach in recent history who has had the OPPORTUNITY to do that at Ole Miss??? Not one…thanks to Pete Boone. Fire his butt NOW!!!

    • fhdawg says:

      How soon we forget. Most TSUN fans were saying 8-4 to 10-2. It seems you guys don’t want to live up to your pre-season predictions.

    • Wild Rebel says:

      I agree with most of what you wrote. That said, this was a disappointing year. Ole Miss should have been able to back into 6 wins. And Pete Boone should have been fired at least 6 or 7 years ago. If I was a college coach there’s no way I’d coach for that idiot.

  44. swahog says:

    Just the look on Houston’s face last night ALMOST made me cry.

  45. Jack Sunn says:

    Fire Pete Boone NOW or Ole Miss football will never see the SEC Championship game and they will never see another dime from me.

  46. haneyps says:

    I think I’m gonna become a Nebraska fan.

  47. nof'ingway says:

    If this is true, there are a lot of people on the CU side of things that are going to be very, very, very angry. That being said, none of our regents know about this nor do any of the press out here (you would think both would be notified if something were happening). I’m calling BS on this one…

  48. KAD says:

    Hahaha… This is great news to everyone who is not an Ole Miss fan. Everytime they hire a coach they get real excited and the expectations go through the roof for their fans. They start talking alot of smack, then two years later they’re crying “FIRE HIM!” It takes a little more than two years to establish a program. But keep it up, it’s quite ammusing.

  49. boundarycorner says:

    Hotty Toddy are you for real or just stoned out of your gourd?

  50. HottyToddyJosh says:

    just for the record I continue to check on this story and I’m calling BS as well. There is no one, NO ONE of significance that is reporting a story remotely close to Nutt going to Colorado. But I still pray and dream that Pete Boone has seen his last game as Ole Miss’s AD

  51. Hogs says:

    IF Nut went to Sonic with Danny and the boys tonight, it’s prolly not true…he’s just trying to get a raise lmfao

  52. Hogs says:

    Hoddy Toddy “Learn from his teaching” WOW yEAH, pitch the ball to McFadden, Felix Jones and/or Dexter McCluster the little guy you all had last year and get out of the way.
    He recruits athletes more capable of making the pen than the NFL. And has NEVER landed a decent QB…always handed over like Clint Soerner, Snead and Masoli

  53. Hogs says:

    Oh, or let Matt Jones scramble every few plays that was good for a few SEC wins too.

  54. Michael says:

    Nutt got one AD and chancellor to retire. Can he get a second one fired? He is 500 in the SEC in 13 years. If you want 7-8 wins majority of the time he is your guy. Thats all he will get you. It’s a proven fact.

  55. Hogs says:


  56. short says:

    The whole problem revolves around Pete Boone, get rid of his a– and things will turn around

  57. haneyps says:

    Whether Nutt stays or goes, it’s STILL a perfect time to fire the hell out of Ole Miss’ A.D. Pete Boone. Bottom line, he has GOT TO GO!!!

  58. sleber says:

    How do you spell FUN? LEAVE!

  59. KN says:

    You don’t want Nutt. As mentioned above he’s a 0.500 SEC coach and only because, while at Arkansas, he beat the Mississippi schools 18 times. At Ole Miss he will NOT beat Mississippi State 10 times (he’s currently 1-2 against State) like he did at Arkansas and he cannot replace the other 8 wins over Ole Miss with 8 wins over Arkansas(currently 2-1).

    Nutt will never take responsibility for a loss or poor performance. He will throw players and coaches under the bus. But he will quickly take credit for good things: “I called that play brotha!”

  60. Laslo Tolff says:

    Ole Miss needs to give Houston Nutt the respect he deserves. Houston can’t be expected to coach at a high level until he gets more respect from Ole Miss. In other words, Houston needs a raise. How can you expect him to do a good job for only $2.4 million a year? Give Houston respect!

    Have you noticed how jimmy Sexton moves one coach to another school then puts another one of his coaching stable into the opening he created? Jimmy is making a killing with his musical coach switching.

    Is Mississippi State going to respect Mullen enough?

  61. TED '82 says:

    Nutt is going to Dallas – QB Coach…waiting for head coach offer from Jones.

  62. TnReb says:

    No team deserves the punishment of having Nutt as your head coach

    • Em says:

      And how is Petrino riding his success exactly? Joe Adams, Greg Childs, Dennis Johnson, Ryan Mallett, and countless other players were all recruited or came after Petrino became our head coach. The first 2 seasons with Petrino (when he was playing with HN’s recruits) were rebuilding years. Now that the majority of HN’s players have finished their career at Arkansas, we are 10-2. I would dare to say that HN has very little to do with any present success at Arkansas…

  63. Wild Rebel says:

    I’d love someone to compare Arkansas’s record before Nutt got there to the record after he got there and then say with a straight face he ruined the program. I already looked it up and know the difference. Then do the same for the last 3 years at Ole Miss before and after he got there. Is he a great coach? Certainly not. But he’s a lot better than people give him credit for. He turned Arkansas from a joke into a decent team. Petrino, who will probably be gone any day now as per his own MO, is riding that success.

    • Em says:

      And how is Petrino riding his success exactly? Joe Adams, Greg Childs, Dennis Johnson, Ryan Mallett, and countless other players were all recruited or came after Petrino became our head coach. The first 2 seasons with Petrino (when he was playing with HN’s recruits) were rebuilding years. Now that the majority of HN’s players have finished their career at Arkansas, we are 10-2. I would dare to say that HN has very little to do with any present success at Arkansas…

  64. jray says:

    On my honeymoon two years ago, my wife and I ran into a couple from Ole Miss and they went on and on about how happy they were to have Houston Nutt and how they couldn’t believe why Arkansas was tired of them. I told them that I would love to have a conversation with them in two years to see how they felt…..by ready the majority of the post here, looks like I was right!

  65. Laslo Tolff says:

    Why would Dallas hire a qb coach when they haven’t decide on their head coach? A new head coach will want to select his qb coach. Just askin.

  66. razor red says:

    Nutt has no love for Ole Miss – He has no fire to coach there. He is just using you guys. We, at Arkansas, would like to pull for Ole Miss again, but, as long as you have TCTWF we will hope you lose every game.

    By the Way – You guys are crazy for changing your mascot just to be politically correct – The Rebel Bears, Come on, that is so lame.

    • HottyToddyJosh says:

      DUDE if you only knew. 99.99999% of alumni, students, and donors would agree with you but the truth is we really didn’t get much of a choice!

  67. Em says:

    Dwight K. Schrute…I hope you’re being facetious (true DKS style) and if so I love it!

    haneyps and Hotty Toddy…you are both delusional. This is what HN does…he comes in and works wonders when he is playing with players he did not recruit. Just give it time, you’ll have buyers remorse – I PROMISE! You’ll get to a point where those wins are mediocre at best. Run, run, run becomes predictable after while. When Houston Nutt left Arkansas, I couldn’t have been happier. Look where we are now – we have an amazing coach who isn’t just “poising” us for a BCS bid…we may actually be going!

    And let’s not forget the shady factor…SI even had an article this season calling HN one of the shadiest coaches in all of college football after he brought Masoli to Ole Miss. Someone already mentioned it above, but while at Arkansas his off the field character was a hot topic. It is no secret that he was suspected of having an inappropriate relationship with a local news anchor and was also well know for his poor treatment of some players (like Mitch Mustain and a few others that I have known personally). A far cry from a true Christian.

    You both should be praying that HN leaves Ole Miss and goes somewhere, anywhere but Oxford. As far as I’m concerned, Ole Miss needs to clean house – AD and all…

  68. Superthickfreak says:

    59 posts and 21 of them are calling for Pete Boone’s job.
    I hope Boone is kicked to the curb. People have been complaining about him for what seems to be forever. All up in head football coache’s junk but lets slack-ass basketball coaches do whatever they want.
    Harassing head football coaches about leaving lights on. I heard that Nutt won’t even deal with him & only takes orders from the Chancellor. I’d also heard Boone & Khyatt were big buds. It’s time to make a change!!! Boone is a banker, not an A.D.

  69. HottyToddyMom says:

    Until Pete Boone is gone Ole Miss will never be able to keep a coach for more than 3-4 years!! Weather Nutt stays or goes, Ole Miss football will continue to struggle until a new A.D. is hired. I personally want Nutt to stay. We need a coach that believes in us, unlike Boone….. HOTTY TODDY!!!

  70. haneyps says:

    Em…how many years was Houston Nutt at Arkansas??? Did he or did he NOT recruit players at Arkansas for approximately ten years??? I guess you think he went duck hunting during recruiting season while at Arkansas. Now…who’s dilusional??? By the way, didn’t Mitch Mustain bolt for Southern Cal and then again started crying once he got out there? Boy…he was a real top rated QB wasn’t he??? A spoiled little prima donna is more like it. Give me a break.

    • Em says:

      You and I both know he was there for 10 years. During 6 out of the 10 seasons, we had 5 or more losses per season (including bowl losses). I wouldn’t exactly call that stellar. As for Mitch Mustain – he was a kid and shouldn’t be held to the same standards as a 40-50 year coach who is supposed to inspire and lead by example. HN, his coaching staff, his family, and his friends (Teresa Prewett to be specific) should have never resorted to such a low level like they did in that situation. It was inappropriate and unacceptable coming from a bunch of grown ups. HN’s poor character and lies are two of the main reasons why Mitch Mustain left. As for his career at USC, I wouldn’t have a clue as to what he’s doing out there and I really don’t care.

      And just for kicks, you were talking about recruiting…HN recruited Mustain, did he not? And how many quality players do you know from those 10 years (aside from Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, Peyton Hillis, and Shawn Andrews)? And I’d go so far to say that it may be less about WHO he recruits, but HOW he coaches that is the problem.

      I hate to say it, but the best Ole Miss will do while HN is around is about 7-5 or 8-4, and eventually that will get old…it did at Arkansas…

  71. btaldmd says:

    I live in Denver. Per 9News, Colorado is NOT hiring Nutt. I just heard it.

  72. BuffNation says:

    News in Denver just reported the following, “Spoke with Colorado AD Mike Bohn and Houston Nutt WILL NOT BE HIRED at Colorado.”

  73. HottyToddyJosh says:

    Nothing surprising there..it didn’t make sense for either side.

  74. oktrebel says:

    Nutt in his years at Ole Miss has wonn 22games. 2 bowl victories. He has also dismissedplayersfor poor characterandactions and Ihave yetto seehim drop apass fumble theball ormiss a tackle. The administration needsto staywhere it belongsand let coachescoach. Themanwas great for everybody the 2 years previousand 1 bad yearpeoplewant him gone. Do you idiotsbelieve the manjustall of a sudden forget how to coach and motivate?

  75. Pete says:

    As a Hog fan, HDN’s flirting around with other schools is so familiar. Ole Miss has some great fans, and Ole Miss fans deserve better than this if HDN’s is, in fact, shopping around for another HC job.

  76. haneyps says:

    Em…and I guess the next thing you will say is that Petrino’s commitment level is stellar. Be careful…this whole thing could be a ruse and it’s PETRINO that’s going to Colorado. :) Seems like he is always looking for the “bigger better deal”. I’m anxious to see what he does when things don’t go so well for him at Arkansas. I can hear it now, “Run Bobby Run!!!”.

    Speaking of recruiting again, Petrino is still coaching Nutt’s recruits. I would venture to say there are quite a few players on the Arkansas team who were recruited by Nutt. Not a bad record this year. Gotta give it to Petrino, looks like he can coach someone else’s players up as well. Obviously Nutt can recruit some good players…and he can coach…when left alone to do so. In time, we will see what Petrino does, if he sticks around long enough.

  77. HottyToddygirls says:

    I say Pete Boone needs to go! He’s also the reason for the ridiculous mascot issue! He causes way too many problems! Maybe then we can get a decent coach and they will stay around!

  78. BF says:

    … and Jimmy Sexton reels in another media fish.

    Y’all have a lot to learn about being played by that guy.

  79. Superthickfreak says:

    Jimmy Sexton is good! You see this every year. He will court clients (coaches) who may not be happy with their situation & talk to schools who may not be happy with their coach & get a tentative deal in place so when it is time everyone can pull the trigger. Remember how fast we got Nutt? In 2 days maybe??
    A coaching “shopping around” or a school becoming intereseted in a coach is bargaining chip I see time and time again with Sexton & can get schools to pay up when it comes time to extend the coache’s contract. Remember how Tubberville disappeared for several days for “a hunting trip” in Arkansas when that job became available & not all at AUB were happy with Tub? Tub & Sexton kind of forced their hand & made AUB pay to play.

  80. Hog4Life says:

    Nutt pulled a stunt like this with Nebraska to get a raise from Arkansas. He is a great Rah-Rah guy, but is lacking in the X’s and O’s to be a GREAT head coach. I just hope Gus Malzahn goes to Miami and not an SEC school. He is the shot caller at Auburn (Cam Newton helps) and is a great offensive minded coach. He has class…..Nutt has confessional.

  81. BuffFan says:

    Where are you getting all of your misinformation….

    1. Colorado does not have a Dec. 1 deadline – in fact the head of the search committee has said that getting it right is more important than any schedule.

    2. Bienimy remains very much a top if not the top candidate.

  82. Ivy Owen says:

    Let’s get to the core of the Ole Miss football problem-PETE BOONE. An incompetent AD that is the root of all of our problems from the demise of Colonel Reb and the firing of David Cutcliff to now, this debacle. Get rid of Pete Boone and get us an AD with some college sports experience!!! For my dollar. I hope we are actively recruitng Gus Malzahn.

    • gibraltar321 says:

      get behind this idea…don’t sound bad

      • nashville rebel says:

        I might reorder my season tickets if we hired Malzahn. Actually only if Boone and Nutt were gone. Malzahn with Nutt is like a 6th toe. Wouldn’t use it and wonder why it was there! Nutt doesn’t use an Offensive Coordinator for anything but a title. 8 OC in 13 yrs in the SEC and he runs the same offense. How do you run the same offensive under 8 different people???

  83. GA Rebel says:

    Pony up and give Nutt a raise?? Are you people serious? I don’t think that 33% success rate warrants a raise, if anything he should have to take a cut in pay for this pitiful performance. If Boone is even thinking about this idea he needs to be gone ASAP. Actually Boone has been a lot of the problem at Ole Miss. We need a real AD, not a retired banker.

  84. psysim says:

    The Old Miss BEARBACKS, or whatever, oughta change the name of their AD –

  85. johnny says:

    Plain and simple, if u like nutt, u have no idea what a football coach/team looks like. He may be the worst ever for ole miss. ole miss needs a fresh innovator like dooley.

  86. johnny says:

    maybe nutt can be the A.D.

  87. johnny says:

    just read where boone said he was surprised by the outcome this year,,,what? I said middle ways through last season that we would not go bowling this year. way too obvious, wake up, the talent show is over.

  88. greg whorton says:

    Nutt will allways blame someone or something for any loss his team has, Wouldn’t it be nice if just once he said “I didn’t have the team prepared” people would have more respect for him if he did.

    Not going to happen, he allways throws a player or a coach under the bus, shame!

    The Hillbillys down in Arky may be smarter than we thought!

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